Tuesday, March 26, 2013

RIP Dad :*(

     It’s been tough the past couple weeks; I can't stop thinking about my Dad.  When I wake up, he is the first thought I have. I feel guilty because I was at school the day he passed and wasn't able to visit him. I feel as though I could've been able to save him if I were there because I would've insisted that he went to the hospital. He didn't want to die, but he didn't want to go back to the hospital. I would've asked him what he wanted more, to live or to remain at Rehab. I could have told him that the hospital is the place that would be able give him the amount of oxygen he needed so he could breathe. He would've gone to the hospital; I know I could've convinced him. So I basically blame myself for his death and I can't take it. 

     My Mom and I went to the hospital today to visit with the Nurses and Unit Techs who took care of my Dad while in ICU and Telemetry.  That was very emotional as my Dad had a way with people, especially these Nurses.  They all adored him, as he did them.  They sent us a lovely sympathy card and signed it with such beautiful messages.  Who does that?  What hospital do you know does that?  They are all such incredible people!!!  If you EVER need medical attention and need to be in ICU or Telemetry, I HIGHLY recommend Holland Hospital.

     WHILE my Dad was on the ventilator last year, he flirted with one of the Nurses.  He had signaled her over to him with his finger, and after she came close to him, he raised his eyebrows at her and smiled.  Yes, even with a vent down his throat, my Dad could still smile and brighten anyone’s day.  She laughed and said "Oh you are just too cute".  She told other Nurses that he was the first man to flirt with her while on the vent.  =D   Another Nurse was also quite attached to my Dad.  She cried the night my Dad was released from the hospital and told us today that she knew that would be the last time she saw him  :*(  She said after she had heard of my Dad's passing, while sitting at home watching golf with her husband, she started crying.  Her husband asked why she was crying and she said, "I used to watch golf all the time with Mr. Miedema".  Her husband then asked, "Who is Mr. Miedema?", and she went on to tell him that he was one of her patients. 

     All of my Dad's Nurses and Unit Techs who were working today came up to us and hugged both my Mom and I, and told us what a wonderful man my Dad was and how much they all adored him.  Like I said, he had that special way about him where people would love him the moment they met him.  Even his roommate at the Rehab; he had only known him for 8 days and my Dad had made a huge impact on him.  He wrote us the most beautiful note/letter about his time with my Dad and the conversations they had.  What a special guy his roommate was, too. 


Dad with my Cousin, Jeff...Summer 1959
Dad fishing in Ludington...approximate year 1998
My Dad with my daughter, Stepfanie...October 29, 1987
Dad, Stepfanie, and Mom...June 2005
Mom, Stepfanie, Spencer, and Dad...January 11, 2011
Christmas 2010

Dad and Benny...November 2012


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