Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Basic math skills LOST in todays youth!

It is so extremely sad and pitiful that today's youth do not know how to do math in their head.  The fact that schools REQUIRE technology such as Statistics calculators, computers, etc., is disappointing to say the least.  
I took my Mom to town today.  She was hungry for "something different" so, with her being a diabetic, I immediately needed to get her something to eat.  I brought her to "Arbys", which was the closest place, and a place that didn’t sell burgers.  We went inside to order as she hadn't been there before and didn't know what she would want.  
Her total after taxes came to $6.32.  She gave the cashier a $20 bill, she immediately entered it into her register, and her change showed as $13.68.  My Mom told her that she had .32 cents, gave it to the young girl, and she was completely lost as to how much change she now owed my Mom!!  I had to explain to her that she owes her $14.00 now vs. $13.68 and she was so completely confused!!

The fact that BASIC math skills are now lost in today’s youth is a tragedy!!!